Therapeutic Massage Benefits For Chronic Pain Relief


Massage therapy is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing natural pain relief methods for relieving chronic pain. If you or someone you know is experiencing back pain, hip pain, neck pain, headache, discomfort, rehabilitating from an injury or procedure, stress, anxiety or other unwanted situation you want relief as soon as possible. Your improvement is Patricia's priority.

A therapeutic massage from Patricia Bigler, is an effective, non-invasive, non-drug method to quickly improve your situation and state of well being. More doctors, hospitals and other health care providers integrate or refer their patients to massage therapy as part of their treatment/wellness plan.

Patricia offers massage therapy services combined with her energy expertise for all types of pain relief with quick improvements. A relaxing, soothing, therapeutic massage experience awaits. Contact Patricia today 772-335-7068 for an appointment in either her Stuart FL location or Port St Lucie, FL location.

The Yuen Method - Non-Touch Energy

Patricia Bigler, while working as a medical massage therapist also began the process with Dr. Kam Yuen to become a Certified Yuen Method Practitioner. (See Yuen Method ) As Patricia incorporated the Yuen Method into her massage, clients were amazed with how quickly they improved. (See client comments).  Yuen Method sessions can be performed over the phone, remotely, or combined with a massage.

With her combined expertise as a Certified Yuen Method Practitioner and also Licensed in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, over 90% of Patricia’s clients experience improvements within a session.

The Yuen Method (YM), unlike conventional methods that just treat symptoms, addresses the whole person, body, mind and spirit. The YM pinpoints the causes resonating behind the symptoms and quickly releases the weakening effects and strengthens a person for immediate results. In my experience with addressing issues of thousands of clients, the YM provides the fastest, most comprehensive method for improvements.

Experience Natural Pain Relief

Well Being Insights massage/energy sessions are soothing, calming and therapeutic. Call Patricia at 772-335-7068 to schedule a massage/energy session either in Stuart or Port St Lucie FL locations or a phone or remote energy session from any location. The best investment you can make is improving your well being. 

Phone Sessions are interactive but Remote Sessions, once the situation or issues are established, requires no physical or verbal contact. Remote Sessions are great for busy people or for those you know that you would like to have improvements for. Text messaging may be used as a follow up with the person that requested the session to check on improvements. Patricia's clients like the ease and convenience of Remote Sessions. Contact Patricia for more information.

By appointment only:  Patricia Bigler 772-335-7068 Stuart FL or Port St Lucie Location.

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The Yuen Method can...

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Benefits of Balancing the Mind - Body - Spirit Connections

There is a constant energetic dynamic going on between the mind-body-spirit connections.  The YM utilizes insight to pinpoint which of these connections are creating a weakening effects.  It then deletes the weakness while strengthening the energies to be more centered, stabilized and balanced to enhance a person’s well being.

You may not be aware that research from leading hospitals and universities have determined that the majority of today’s leading physical health issues are directly linked to chronic mental states such as stress, anxiety and depression. Over the years more alternative and integrative services have flourished, aware of the need to address the whole person, body, mind and spirit, not just treat physical symptoms.

The mind’s thinking and emotions can directly affect the state of a person’s well being. Have you ever been physically drained, depressed or felt a pain in your neck or head from being around a person or having a phone conversation?  Have you struggled with thoughts and emotions that disrupt your sleep or ability to physically perform?  The mind often has a sabotaging effect on a person, weakening the body, causing pain, limitations and many unwanted physical issues. Wouldn’t you like to get off that treadmill and improve your mind - body connection?

You are not just a body, there is not one pill that fits all. Just as your fingerprints and DNA are unique, so is your energy resonance based on your personal life’s experiences.  The YM addresses the six leading life supports, you do not have to be in pain to improve your state of well being. (See Yuen Method)

Massage Services in Stuart and Port St Lucie

Patricia Bigler, Licensed in Therapeutic Massage, Energy Bodywork and a Certified Yuen Method Practitioner has the expertise to relieve chronic pain, acute pain, stress, anxiety, and other unwanted conditions. Many clients have reported dramatic results in a single session.

Patricia's methods can establish the identity or root cause of your symptoms. She can quickly release the weakening affects and strengthen you for immediate results - 90% experience on the spot improvements.

Massage/Energy Sessions with Patricia are by appointment in her Stuart FL location and also her Port St. Lucie location. Her clients come from all over the Treasure Coast in Florida including Stuart, Port St Lucie, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hutchinson Island, Hobe Sound, Jupiter, Vero Beach, and surrounding areas.

What are you waiting for? Call Patricia Bigler today 772-335-7068.