The Yuen Method - Non-Touch Energy

The Yuen Method (YM), unlike conventional methods that just treat symptoms, addresses the whole person, body, mind and spirit. The YM pinpoints the causes resonating behind the symptoms and quickly releases the weakening effects and strengthens a person for improvements.

We have addressed the issues of thousands of clients; the YM provides the fastest, most comprehensive method for improvements.  We can tell you with certainty that this is the most effective, convenient method, and the best investment you can make in yourself for the body, mind & spirit improvements you want and need to live a better quality of life.  (See Yuen Method).

Improve the Quality of Your Life!

The Yuen Method can...

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Remote Energy Sessions

Once the issues are determined no other contact is required. Follow-up to check on improvement by text messaging.
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Presented by Dr. Jeff Friedersdorf, Yuen Method Master Practitioner and DC, on a variety of leading issues and topics. Everyone on the call will experience improvements. Sign up to be notified of our events.
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Phone Energy Sessions

A phone session with Patricia Bigler for existing massage clients to gain improvements on physical symptoms or situation that need attention/relief.
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Massage/Energy Sessions

Whether you want to rejuvenate and renew or resolve pain or life issues, each massage/energy session is customized to provide results most people experience within a session.
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Remote Energy Sessions - Connecting Where You Are

We offer remote energy sessions for individuals and private groups connecting with you telepathically.  So, wherever you are located is fine and there is nothing to prepare for. We can tell you with certainty this is the most effective, convenient method and the best investment you can make in yourself to get the improvements you want and need.


Additional Sessions and Services

Workplace Energy Optimization

We also offer business group rate remote sessions for business optimization by addressing groups of people in specific areas of your business you want to improve.(See Workplace Energy).


We offer teleclinics where you can hear specifically how your leading issues are being resolved. Sign up to be notified of our next event. (SeeTeleclinics).

Therapeutic Massage

People living on the Treasure Coast can also enjoy a soothing massage/energy session to gain improvements.  (See Therapeutic Massage) call 772-335-7068 to schedule.