Q. What type of issues do you address and get improvement on?

A. Life issues and problems are in one or more category of what the Yuen Method addresses as the Six Leading Life Supports: relationships, money/finances, time/less aging, health, career/purpose, and fitness. When the source of the weaknesses are strengthened and resolved, improvements are experienced. For example, a painful or traumatic relationship (to a person, place, or thing) could be the source of weakness that shows up as pain in your back, head or stomach. People with aging issues could have pain in their feet, legs, neck, or may have dizziness. Everyone is different but the process is the same, getting fast results for improvements you experience.

Q. How long will it take to resolve my issues/how many sessions will I need?

A. The majority of people experience on-the-spot improvements. If you are in pain, resolving the problem quickly is my primary objective. During your session, I will ask you if the pain or issues feels the same or different (level of improvement) until it is resolved. People with relationship issues for example, report in follow-up sessions that struggle, anger or frustration has improved and that their lives are more centered and balanced. Everyone has unique situations and issues; some people take longer to perceive and experience improvements and have multiple issues.

Q. Do you recommend coming back when my pain is gone?

A. Yes; life is dynamic and constantly changing. It is beneficial to keep improving yourself,to move towards your infinite potential of self-mastery. Life is much more than the ability to live without pain. Living more centered, stabilized, and balanced effects everything. Clients who schedule monthly sessions experience more of their life’s potential. For example, detailing your car once doesn’t mean it will always stay clean….. from one session to the next something in your life can always be addressed and improved upon. Why not keep yourself feeling good and running in pique physical condition?

Q. If I don’t like massage or I’m too busy what do you recommend?

A. Since the Yuen Method is a non-touch energy technique, it is not necessary to have a massage. Very few Yuen Practitioners integrate massage into their treatments; most YM sessions are by phone consultation or remote session. Teleseminars and teleclinics will be presented by Patricia and a premier Yuen Method Practitioner.

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