Most Advanced Insight Energy Sessions

Each remote session is specific to you improving and getting results.

We connect with you telepathically so wherever you are located is fine.


Meet Your Team

The Leading-Edge Energy Practitioners of the Yuen Method

We address whatever you present to us and pinpoint the leading energy weaknesses (causes/sources).  We strengthen the weaknesses, delete or deactivate the effects and direct your energy to resonate with innate physical intelligence for improvements you experience.  (See Yuen Method)

Life Changing Results

A 20 year old girl was referred to Patricia.  She was in excruciating pain despite having been treated for months by multiple health care providers but her symptoms were getting worse.  Insight pinpointed her leading weakness as AGING, resonating with unresolved spiritual issues of being in her 90’s.  Once those influences were strengthened and deleted it automated the reset of her physical intelligence.  In several sessions she was out of the wheelchair and pain free.

A 71 year old woman was referred to Dr. Jeff.  After months of weekly care with conventional doctors and continuously deteriorating, she had just been diagnosed with 95-98% carotid artery blockages.  In addition to being diabetic, injecting insulin twice daily, she was now on 12 prescription drugs.  Her family was concerned she may not survive a surgery in such a weakened state.  Insight pinpointed the leading weakness as structural imbalances in her shins (legs), an unevenness between her lower and upper body.  As he insightfully rebalanced her, she began improving, eventually to 100%.  She no longer needed 9 drugs, insulin or the surgery.  That was 20 years ago, the woman is now 91 and pain free.

The Yuen Method is not used to diagnose, prescribe or make a prognosis.  We do not replace or advise you to replace directions or services from your health care providers.  We make no suggestion or inference toward those relationships.

The Yuen Method restores strength and balance to your six leading life supports:

  1. Time/Aging
  2. Fitness
  3. Relationships
  4. Health
  5. Money/Finances
  6. Career/Purpose

Weaknesses left unresolved, in one or a combination of these life supports, remain activated creating unwanted impacts in key areas of your life with the potential to continue/worsen the situation and/or resurface in another scenario or life experiences.

How Do Things Fit In Your Life?

Fitness is more than how much weight you can lift or how many sit ups you can do Fitness encompasses how things are fitting together in your life. For example, unresolved relationship weaknesses with families, spouses, friends, or co-workers could be creating a lack of fitness or unwanted issues in your health or career.

Unresolved weaknesses with time and aging can create limitations with how your finances, purpose/career or health are fitting into your life.Many people, as early as age 30 or 40 start resonating with weakening collective influences about aging, believing physical deterioration is what to expect as they age; becoming enslaved by misinformation. Every person is unique, we use exact insight to address and resolve a person’s specific weaknesses in these life supports.

Some Areas We Would Address If You Wanted to be Living a More Rejuvenated Life...

We Rejuvenate Your Energy 
To Rejuvenate Your Life - All without leaving home or buying products.

  • Rejuvenation of your physical appearance
  • Rejuvenation of your internal fitness
  • Rejuvenation of your physical functioning


Leading-Edge Energy Practitioners - A team fully equipped with the expertise to provide.

  • Continuous, specific energy rejuvenating improvements
  • Insight to pinpoint and shift degenerative weaknesses
  • Rejuvenating results you experience

Get Rid of What’s Holding You Back...

  • Deletion of collective aging influences
  • Deletion of misinformation regarding fitness and aging
  • Deletion of degeneration, limitations and ancestral influences
  • Deletion of your specific weaknesses preventing rejuvenation

We Rejuvenate You...

  • Activation of your physical intelligence
  • Activation of your physical functions
  • Activation of internal toning, tensing mechanisms
  • Activation of specific rejuvenating internal structures

What would you like to improve in your life?

Join others that retain us to move their life toward more infinite potential.  Invest in yourself, here is the process for our remote sessions:

Remote Energy Sessions - How We Work

Remote energy sessions are telepathic, so wherever you are located is fine. There is nothing to prepare for and you don't need to be meditating or sitting quietly somewhere - simply going about your normal day is perfectly alright.

The Remote Process


Buy your sessions below or on the Buy Sessions page for more options. Payment is made through Paypal. Fill out the remote consultation form online.


You'll receive a text from us a day before each session inquiring on what you would like us to address for improvement. Text back your issues/concerns (briefly, please.)


Each session we will energetically tune into you and utilize our insight to strengthen and balance your situation for improvement.


We will follow up with you 1-2 days after a session by text for feedback or additional information.

    2-Remote Sessions For An Individual
    One session bi-weekly focusing on your specific request for improvement with 2 Yuen Method Master Practitioners.
    4-Remote Sessions For An Individual
    One session every week for four weeks focusing on your specific request for improvement with 2 Yuen Method Master Practitioners.
    Recommended for Achieving Desired Results using the Yuen Method.
    4-Remote Sessions For A Group or Team
    1 session every 4 weeks focusing on a business or organizations' areas of concerns to gain improvements. We address groups of people in key areas or a group in charge of specific areas of your operations or the expanded executive team.


Contact Patricia Bigler at 772-335-7068 for additional information or you can fill out our contact form and someone will get back with you as quickly as possible.