energy-healing-stuart-fl-port-st-lucie-flWellness Teleclinics will be presented by Dr. Jeff Friedersdorf, Yuen Method Master Practitioner and Doctor of Chiropractic on a variety of leading issues, concerns and topics.

A teleclinic is a virtual clinic held via telecommunications technology such as your phone or other device that enables calls.  Teleclinics are a great way to serve larger numbers of people at lower costs.  Topics such as: relationships, finances, physical pain, anxiety, aging and other topics will be presented for improvement.

Personal requests will be taken via email when you sign up for the live presentation.  Anyone with similar issues to the one in progress will also receive the benefit live.  Insights and answers are revealed to the leading weaknesses, sources/causes then strengthened and rebalanced for improvement.

All participant’s lines are muted on the teleclinic.  Patricia Bigler will announce the participant’s initials (for privacy) and the issues or concerns they have submitted.  Dr. Jeff Friedersdorf will verbalize insights to improve the situations. If you cannot be on the call live, a recording for the event will be posted.

Everyone on the call will experience benefits and improvements. The Yuen Method, has no distance limitations.  Your friends, family members and associates in other states can make a personal request and experience the benefits.

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