It is my choice, as a client, to receive massage therapy services with Patricia Bigler of Wellbeing Insights. I understand that massage therapy and energy work given here is for the purpose of stress reduction, relief from muscular tension or spasm, and for increasing circulation and energy flow. Also, I acknowledge that this massage therapist does not engage in and is not qualified to perform spinal or skeletal adjustments. If I experience any pain or discomfort during the session, I will immediately inform the massage therapist, so that pressure or strokes may be adjusted to my level of comfort.

I understand that Patricia Bigler does not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorder; nor prescribe medical treatment of any kind. I acknowledge that massage or energy work is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or treatment, and that it is recommended that I see a physician for these services.

Because massage/energy work should not be performed under certain medical conditions, I affirm that I have stated all my known medical conditions and have answered all questions honestly. I agree to take it upon myself to keep the massage therapist updated on my health and well being and I understand that there shall be no liability on the practitioner‘s part should I fail to do so.     

Although the Yuen Method many times can provide relief for many situations, I understand that my results may differ.


Gift Certificates

I understand that Gift Certificates have no cash value; once purchased there are no refunds. The certificate must be presented at time of service to be considered payment for service and will be matched accordingly to the Paypal purchase transaction.  Gift Certificates will expire after 6 months from purchase date.


Cancellations and No Shows

PLEASE NOTE:  24 hour notice is required for cancellations, otherwise you will be charged an LMC (last minute cancellation fee) = 50% of the booked session, for having reserved the time.