We Optimize Your Business by Optimizing Your People

Your largest business investments may be in your equipment and/or facilities but your most valuable resources are your people.  A business just like a person, functions more effectively and efficiently when key supporting structures are balanced and optimized for strong forward movement. Relationships, money/finances, fitness, career/purpose, health and time/aging are the key support elements for people and businesses.

Are your employees suffering from stress?  Work place stress is defined as: the harmful physical and emotional responses that can happen when there is a conflict between job demands on the employee and the amount of control an employee has over meeting these demands.

Stress can show itself in many ways including poor concentration, forgetfulness, slow responses,  loss of interest, increased anxiety and irritability, depression, body aches and pain, headaches, digestive disorders, poor sleep - all of which leads to increased absenteeism, reduced productivity and poor performance.

The Yuen Method - Optimizing Your People to Optimize Your Business

Would you like to increase productivity, profits, and reduce staff absence?  How would your business benefit from your most valuable resources, your people, fitting in and being more aligned with your businesses purpose and all key elements of success and optimization?

We are Yuen Method Master Practitioners with exact insight to pinpoint the weaknesses (causes) resonating in these key areas and we have the skills to deactivate their effects for optimized results. We are highly experienced and successful delivering improvements for our clients.

We offer remote sessions to individuals or groups to streamline their success. We connect telepathically to people, so wherever you are located is fine. (See Remote Sessions – YourTeam) (See Yuen Method).

Industry Professionals That Can Benefit From Energy Balance In The Workplace

  • Customer Service
  • Administrators and Managers
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Consulting Professionals
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Communication and Media
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Manufacturing
  • IT and Engineering Professionals
  • Procurement or Logistics Professionals


Optimizing Your People to Optimize Your Business

Relationships are key in business.  The internal interactions from top to bottom and bottom to top, the relationships with your customers and suppliers impact the profitability of every company.  We perceive the leading imbalances and causes of specific relationship issues whether internal or external, and imbalances in other key elements.  We will balance and optimize your people and business by gaining improvements on specific key elements of concern.

Time and Speed can be crucial whether your competitive position issues involve meeting your daily/weekly schedules, meeting deadlines for incentives or ahead of penalties, or getting certification in quality compliances on time.  Your team is responsible for meeting customer expectations for delivery of products or services as well.  The delivery system to the customer is a key element of success for businesses and should be operating like a “well oiled” machine, with precision.  We “tune in” to issues within the team related to responsiveness, attentiveness and other dynamics to ensure customer demands are fulfilled.

Money and Finances need to be balanced to meet targeted financial objectivesCost overruns whether from off-quality, rework or reconfigurations, delay in receiving parts, absentees, maintenance issues or inventory inaccuracies can all negatively affect your finances.Your people are managing all of these activities.We perceive imbalances in the way money, purpose, and other key elements are fitting in and perceived by the individuals that may be affecting either revenue or costs.  Correction of these imbalances can result in cost reductions and/or revenue increases – easily and simply – without having to micro-manage staff.

    4-Remote Sessions For A Group or Team
    One session every 4-weeks focusing on a business or organizations' areas of concerns to gain improvements. We will address groups of people in key areas or a group in charge of specific areas of your operations or the expanded executive team.
    Improves Productivity and Well Being.


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