Patricia Bigler, a certified Yuen Method Master Practitioner and LMT has partnered with Dr. Jeff Friedersdorf, a certified Yuen Method Master Practitioner and DC, to provide remote sessions creating The Most Advanced Leading Energy Team (See Remote Sessions - Your Team).

The Yuen Method is a non-touch, leading-edge energy method that addresses the whole person; body, mind and spirit.  Utilizing insight (feeling, perception and intuition) with logic to pinpoint the leading weaknesses (causes/sources); these weaknesses are strengthened and deleted/deactivated to neutralize the effects.  Energies are directed to resonate with a person’s innate physical intelligence for improvements that are experienced.

Origins of the Yuen Method (YM) are the resulting product of ancient Chinese Shaolin methods combined with the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic techniques, quantum physics and Qi and Shen Gong collectively offer.  Dr. Kam Yuen, a 35th generation Shaolin Grand Master developed and continues updating this method from a lifetime of study in the martial arts as well as his knowledge from being a doctor of chiropractic, structural engineer in aerospace design and his expertise in homeopathy and nutritional therapy.

The Yuen Method Resolves Weaknesses in the
Six Leading Life Supports:


The following is provided to give you an expanded overview of energy and the YM.


As Einstein stated, Everything in Life is Vibrating.  Everything has an energy frequency (vibration.)  Frequencies are unique and identifiable, some only at a sub-quantum level.

Human life has three components, the body, mind and spirit. (To clarify, the word spirit does not refer to any religion).  Each component resonates with a person’s unique energies and their influences that effect the whole.  Some of these energies are strong and balanced while others are weak and imbalanced.  As weaknesses accumulate they may seek an outlet creating physical symptoms, and/or life issues needing resolution.

The body, our physical component, has innate physical intelligence that thrives to keep things in balance or homeostasis. Your central nervous system (CNS) is made up of the brain and spinal cord and is the central processing unit (CPU) for your innate physical intelligence.

The CNS and physical intelligence manages trillions of cells that form distinctive cells, tissues, organs, systems and structures which carry out continuous dynamic functions.  Within a single cell there are multiple dynamic, automated functions being downloaded and uploaded which convey instructions and information to maintain physical integrity and balance.

The physical intelligence knows the syncing sequences for optimal balance and how input and output match up. Like a highly sophisticated internal GPS, matching input to output, this two way connection automatically routes and re-routes us back on course the fastest, most direct way possible. The physical intelligence also resonates with all the answers on how the mismatching frequencies created imbalances/weaknesses.

Our Minds Weaken and Imbalance Our Physical Intelligence

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Two thirds of the components of human life are nonphysical; the mind and spirit. This nonphysical majority syncs with the physical body having a direct and profound influence on what manifests in the physical body and our life’s situations.

The mind, includes the conscious, subconscious and non-conscious and generates hundreds of thousands of thoughts per day. Thoughts have energy that create emotions, reactions, stories and beliefs. These energies can be strong and balanced, or be weak and imbalanced.  In general, our minds tend to sabotage us by creating imbalances and weaknesses from non-beneficial, stockpiled thoughts and emotions.

Our minds are bombarded with information, misinformation, directions and experiences from numerous sources (such as, families/ancestors, cultures, religions, drug companies/health care, governments/politics, experts, schools) which can create collective influences.  Much of this information is selectively, automatically bundled and downloaded into our subconscious and can cause us to go on auto-pilot, doing things without full awareness; in essence directing our life experience/reality.

Our minds can plug into so much conflicting information that it throws off and jams up the two way connection to our CNS and GPS. These imbalanced and weakened mental influences could result in routing a person into a continuous loop of various physical problems or life issues. These unwanted impacts can be experienced on one or more of your six leading life supports; relationships, health, career/purpose, money/finances, fitness and/or time/aging.

The physical impact of these mental loops can sabotage the energetic processing of the CNS. Cells could start mutating and the balance of the organs, systems or structure could weaken and become imbalanced. There are infinite ways your body and life manifest imbalances or weaknesses that have been activated, the majority of which you are not consciously aware.

These nonphysical energies don’t show up on our conventional physical tests such as an MRI, CT-scans or X-rays.  Frustrated clients have told me they have had all the tests and nothing is showing up, but they still have pain and discomfort/issues. (Nonphysical energies can influence blood, cholesterol and other physical test).

Conventionally, the focus is on physical symptoms that have manifested.  There is a lack of awareness or perception regarding two thirds or more of the potential weakening causes behind the situation; the mind and/or spirit.  Conventionally, similar symptoms receive the same or similar treatment such as a pill, surgery or therapy.  This is a one-size fits all approach, with no insight/real answers into the uniqueness of the person‘s situation.

The Yuen Method Restores Your Physical Intelligence

Unlike conventional methods, the Yuen Method (YM) is a non-touch, leading-edge energy method that addresses the whole person; body, mind and spirit.  The Yuen Method utilizes insight (feeling, perception and intuition) with logic and energetically or telepathically pinpoints the leading weaknesses/imbalances that are resonating behind a person’s situation or symptoms. Energies are strengthen and directed into physical intelligence.

With insightful awareness applied to a specific person’s CNS/CPU, weaknesses or causes are strengthened, deleted/deactivated and the effects are neutralized.  Energies are automated to reset for improvement and innate physical intelligence. This is immediate and always for strengthening/improving the person.

Again, weakness in our energies can be impacting one or more of what the Yuen Method identifies as the six leading life supports, not just health.  Relationships, fitness, time/aging,, career/purpose, and money/finances can also be hindered.

Left unresolved, weakened energies remain activated and have the potential to continue/worsen the situation and/or resurface in another scenario or situation.Unresolved and weakened energies can surface as a pattern or chronic issue.For example, physical pain such as chronic headaches or back aches may have the leading weakness resonating with unresolved relationships, aging or finances.

Relationship issues could have leading weaknesses resonating with unresolved family dynamics, ancestral influences or trauma. There are infinite possibilities. (See Remote Sessions - YourTeam) - Life Changing Results for examples of physical issues resolved with the YM.

We Process Information Like Computers, Matching Input to Output

The YM has been around for over 35 years.  Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from this non-touch, leading edge energy method.  You may not be familiar with the YM principles or realized that everything in life is vibrating, so the Life Changing Results referenced in (Your Team) may sound astonishing or even hard to believe.  Imagine being isolated from computers for 35 years, then experienced getting into a car with GPS that started speaking directions or seeing a movie streaming on a hand held wireless device!  The mind would be in disbelief, astonished, perhaps frightened.

To simplify the YM principles we’ll compare the body functioning like a computer.

Computers use a binary code of 1s and 0s, on or off, two choices.  The YM uses insight/logic to pinpoint one of two choices, strong or weak. Computers have Central Processing Units matching input to output.  Artificial intelligence is used. Infinite outputs are created.  Our bodies have the CNS matching input to output. Innate physical intelligence is used. Infinite outputs are created.

Computers let you scan/search, delete selected information, reset/refresh and reboot.  The YM scans/pinpoints, strengthens and deletes specific weaknesses, neutralizes effects for automated reset and reboot. Your computer can get hacked, spammed, stalled out/slowed down. You may be forced to agree to terms of conditions or accept cookies before proceeding. The same hacking can potentially happen to your body, mind and spirit.

So, the main premise is the body functions like a computer. The CNS, brain and spinal cord, have got all the answers.  Anything that you think is not going right in your life can be traced back to how that system is processing information.

Processing information like a computer without any glitches or without having to defrag it or without it slowing down, the expected results are matched, input to output.

Using insight, we put our awareness on that specific person’s computer/CPU/CNS and pinpoint the leading weaknesses resonating for that specific problem. Those weaknesses are strengthened, deleted/deactivated and neutralized.  The physical intelligence overrides the mismatched processing and automatically resets for balance and improvement. Like removing an anchor from something that floats, it automatically surfaces.

Most often weakness are mental junk; non-beneficial thoughts and emotions that have stockpiled and built up. We look for how this build up is specifically effecting that person. Using insight we determine if the weaknesses are specifically related to the topic of one or multiple leading life supports; relationships, fitness, time/aging, health, career/purpose and/or money/finances.

There could be infinite things weakening the person, so we narrow it down based on what they say is bothering them and what situations they want to improve. It would be nice, but we can’t just say OK, I’m going to delete all of my negative thoughts and emotions. Yes, that would be great but it seems to be that we have to be more precise. We use our feeling, perception, and intuition to interpret what are those leading weaknesses that are the ingredients for what is not fitting for someone’s life. We shift those reasons, sources and causes so that their physical intelligence becomes more active in their daily routine.

We Are Fully Equipped to Improve Your Situation Using the Yuen Method

  • We all have insight (feeling, perception and intuition). Perhaps you’ve walked into a room and had a gut feeling something is off.  Maybe you’ve glanced at a person and perceived energy being transmitted. You may have a hunch or intuition about someone and they call you. These senses are inherent, but most of us haven’t developed these invaluable skills for self-mastery or assisting others. Fortunately, through the YM, we are highly experienced and certified YM Master Practitioners; we utilize our insight to create balance, stability and more of life‘s potential for our clients.
  • We are here for you; ready and fully equipped to address/improve your situation.  We are not conventional, we are unconventional.  We are not guessing, we are using insight. We are not beginners, we have hundreds of thousands of improved clients. We are not miracle workers, but we do get consistent improvements.  We are not boasting, we are five-star rated practitioners.
  • To answer the questions, “how long will this take?” or ”how many sessions will I need?“; we would only be guessing. Everyone is unique and there are infinite variables.  We can tell you with certainty that this is the most effective, fastest, convenient method and the best investment you can make in yourself to get the improvements you want and need.

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